A dream is born.

August 2018   


Machu Picchu. Close to the sky and close to the Sun. The icon of the Inca Empire makes my soul vibrate, makes my heart jump with joy. My eyes are filled with tears of happiness. History, the greatness of a lost Empire, spirituality, sacrality, perfect geometry of nature, perfect shapes and forms, symbiosis, stars and again Sun. All connected with the Sun!


Cusco. The capital of the Inca Empire. I discover the people living in these places. I start to understand their inner nature and beauty, I can feel in them the deep traces of their ancestors. Suddenly the past touches the present.

I see a deep, indestructible connection between these people and their culture, their homes, history, nature and their stars. And I see an indestructible connection with an animal called Alpaca. Part of their past, of their present and indisputably their future. Alpaca represents for the Peruvians love and respect, source of food and warmth. A source of life. 


This is the moment when a dream is born. My dream. A dream connected with the Peruvian heritage, their present and their future. 


October 2019


The dream is becoming a reality... With a lot of determination, passion and hard work! IntiS story was born in August 2018 in Peru and it became a reality in October 2019. Inti, the most important God of the Inca Empire is the God of the Sun. The point where all started and the point from where all will continue! 





Oana Vremes - founder IntiS