The eco-friendly hypoallergenic luxurious 100% Peruvian Royal Alpaca turtleneck sweater is offered to you in a variety of 3 colours: Black, Grey and Beige. For a sexy, refined and natural look, yet sophisticated and chic,

you can match it with any desired clothing item, from a classic pencil skirt to boyfriend loose jeans or leather pants. 

Royal Alpaca is the rarest & most unique Alpaca fibre. Only 1% of all alpaca fibre production in the world can be classified as royal due to its technical qualities and the transformation process from the moment of the shearing until it ends up knitwear. 

Soft, less itchy than any other type of wool, resisting to odours,  resilient and wrinkle-resistant, warm and light, highly resistant to pilling, long-lasting. It makes you stay dry & keeps you warm. 

Brand philosophy

Born from and with passion. Passion for beauty and passion for elegance and style.

IntiS promotes exclusively a sustainable and

eco-friendly fashion, 100% natural, using absolutely no synthetic fabrics. 

Born from a dream. A dream of freedom and nature, history and future. IntiS dream was born in Peru and

its name stands simple and clear for the most important God of the Inca Empire, the God of The Sun. 

Source of warmth and light, protector of people, source of LIFE. The point where all starts... 

Idyllic Natural Timeless Iconic Sustainable.

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